Respecting People and Ideas Fuels Business Innovation

To encourage innovation, business leaders need to demonstrate respect for all ideas, regardless of the source. Ideas and emerging trends that some would consider to be "on the fringe" are often important in the next wave of innovative products.

Collaborative Leadership is the New App

Collaborative leadership includes such broad skills as trust building and using systems thinking in solving problems. While it has been discussed primarily in public policy settings and science classes in the past, leadership programs around the world are now offering entire courses in collaborative leadership. The idea of collaborative leadership as essential in today's complex business world is catching on. It is being seen as a source of competitive advantage for those organizations who are embracing it and using it well.

Convergence of Leadership Challenges

In my consulting and teaching, I have observed the convergence of a number of diverse forces that create pressure on leaders.  No, not the level of challenges that include tighter deadlines and leaner staffing. Bigger challenges, like how to think through a problem with a group,…

“Leadership Ethics Training: Why is it So Hard to Get it Right?”

"The headlines are full of stories about unethical leaders. We know from following those stories that unethical leadership can ruin a company. Why, then, are experienced Chief Learning Officers having difficulty implementing effective training in Leadership Ethics?" My article "Leadership…