A Learning Journey That Brings Out Our Best

By Linda Fisher Thornton

The Manifesto

How is ethical leadership a learning journey?

“Ethical leadership transforms profits, people, the planet, communities and the world. Ethical leadership is not something on our to do list that we can check off as completed. It is an ongoing individual and organizational journey. This learning journey will bring out the best in all of us.”

The Leading in Context® Manifesto

Learning Journey

The Ethical Leadership Learning Journey

We live in a changing world. To keep up with those changes as leaders requires a commitment to learning. And in ethical leadership, the stakes are high. We need to honor human rights, ensure product safety, and serve our customers in ways that add value without harm. It’s a lot to do.

Once we decide to learn to lead ethically, though, it is a very different challenge. It stops being something to deal with “out there,” and it starts being about us. And that’s where ethical leadership really lives. It is in the small things we do every day just as much as it is in our major decisions. Once we realize that we never “arrive” as ethical leaders, we begin the journey.



For more, see new book 7 Lenses and the 21 Question Assessment: How Current is My Message About Ethics?

7 Lenses is a Bronze Axiom Business Book Award Winner in Business Ethics41cEVx-Tu4L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_
2014  Bronze Axiom Business Book Award Winner 
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  1. Linda,
    I want to believe that ethical leadership is where we begin and is not the unattainable destination. I want to believe the difference between wrong and right is simple to detect.
    That corruption is easily pinpointed. Human frailty is to be bourn by each of us and when we fail, as we surely must, ethics is our undisputed pole star.

    Day 10 of my hunger strike which will last no longer than August ’20th’ when I present my fountain ‘a terrible beauty’ for ‘Allkonstgruppen’ Malmö, Sweden.
    A donation which I have been beaten every step of the way to their door, cajoled, threatened and abused my way, shown lies and deception for what they are.

    That in a great country as Sweden there is still room for improvement and ethical rights for all is a human right.



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