Leaders: Practice Perspective Shifting

By Linda Fisher Thornton

“Many of the truths we cling to depend on our point of view.”

Niklas Göke, How To Master the Art of the Perspective Shift, Medium

Perspective shifting is a hot topic now for a very good reason. We’re in a time when conversation can quickly become divisive, with otherwise friendly people choosing sides and ostracizing former friends and family members. This article will focus on the benefits of perspective shifting and how to practice it so that you can more quickly see beyond the disagreement to the bigger picture.

Benefits of Perspective Shifting

Perspective shifting gives you a sight advantage because you can see more of what’s happening around you.

“If we want to truly understand something, we will need to widen or broaden our perspective of a situation beyond our current perspective.”

Jennifer B. Monahan, Changing Your Perspective Will Change Your Life, Medium

“The concept of shifting perspectives is a tool that will give you a wider view of most situations you encounter and, with practice, expand the options for how you perceive your world.”

Linda David, Perspective Shift: The Power to Change Your Mind, TD Magazine

“A change in perspective might give you a new way to interpret your problems. This might in turn give you a different way to manage life’s challenges and navigate its twists and turns with greater awareness and even ease.”

Vilmarie Vega, Ways to Benefit from a Change in Perspective, Inspiration Unlimited

Perspective shifting can be life changing and leadership changing. Next, let’s take a deeper look at how to practice it.

Learning How to Shift Perspectives

Here are several different strategies that will improve your perspective shifting practice.

“Notice, Accept, Inquire, Shift.”

Beth Kurland Ph.D., How to Shift Perspective When You’re Stuck in Your Own Way, Psychology Today

“We locate ourselves as part of the wider action, rather than seeing ourselves at the heart of the matter.”

Jacqueline Conway, Leadership and the art of shifting perspective, Waldencroft

“The relational perspective focuses on mutual responsibility and stresses the importance of relationships.”

Diana McLain Smith, Shifting Perspective To Shift Results, The Systems Thinker

It’s time to practice perspective shifting. A one-dimensional perspective only leads to solutions that don’t work in a multi-dimensional world, and that’s not good leadership. Use these resources to practice perspective shifting and watch for increased stakeholder engagement, more positive feedback, and improved results!

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