4 Connected Trends Shaping the Future of Leadership

By Linda Fisher Thornton

Our understanding of good leadership is advancing. In this video, I describe 4 powerful trends that are increasing leadership expectations and shaping what leaders will need to be ready to handle in the future. 

These 4 trends shaping the future of leadership are connected and accelerating. They give us a clear picture of where we need to take our leadership. 

The greatest challenge leaders face is to keep up as the bar continues to be raised. At the rate expectations are increasing, it is clear that we will never “arrive.” We must be adaptable, open to developing new skill sets and mindsets, while at the same time staying true to the values of ethical leadership. 

Being open to learning makes or breaks our success as leaders.

Adaptability is no longer just a competitive advantage. It’s an ethical imperative. 


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  1. It’s so true the leadership is raising the bar… adaptability is so important that in our company we started to calibrate and make the Performance assessment based on the 4Agility base, rather than only the competencies. Very interesting. Thanks.


  2. Linda, I appreciated your video and thought that you nailed the key factors that are critical to effective leadership. High Performance Work Systems address several of those four factors. Leaders struggle in today’s difficult competitive economy to recognize the importance of the value-based approach to leadership that you point out as so important. . . and miss connecting with employees, customers, and the larger community.

    Thank you for your continuing focus on values in leadership. Keep up the great work!


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