Leading the Return to In-Person Work: 5 Perspectives

By Linda Fisher Thornton

This week I am sharing 5 interesting articles that tackle the challenge of leading the process of returning to in-person work. They each share a slightly different perspective. As a reminder, there are many human issues to consider beyond just keeping people well as we learn to live with COVID-19, and I discussed some of them in a previous post. Below are 5 additional resources, each highlighting issues to consider as you lead the return to the office this fall.

5 Different Perspectives on Returning to Work

  1. Thriving at work in the post-pandemic world, Darren Overfield and Wanda T. Wallace, s+b
  2. How to Lead Your Team Through the Transition Back to the Office, Ron Carucci, HBR
  3. Returning to work: Keys to a psychologically safer workplace, Erica Coe, Jenny Cordina, Kana Enomoto, and Jeris Stueland, McKinsey and Company
  4. Top CHROs Believe ‘Flexibility Within a Framework’ Is the Future of Work, Ellyn Maese and Jennifer Robison, Gallup
  5. Lead With Resilience For The Return To The Office, Marita Decker, Forbes

Always remember that employees have learned during the pandemic that they can successfully work virtually, joining meetings from anywhere they want to be. As you manage the challenging processes of returning to work, always keep in mind this question that may be going through employees’ minds – “Why should I stay with you?”

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